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A FRESH Start Begins With A Clean Space.

When youre environment is clean you feel happy, motivated, and healthy

At FYKA Fresh Cleaning Co., we recognize that your property, whether home or business, is an extension of your identity. Let us be the driving force behind the lasting impression your space creates. Our dedicated cleaning professionals are devoted to ensuring that the cleanliness of your environment mirrors the outstanding service, care, and hospitality you pro. Our commitment to you is evident in our pursuit of a spotless and impressive space.


In the midst of life's chaos, there came a pivotal moment when I saw the toll corporate life was taking on my wife, battling the weight of depression while trying to juggle family and work. She yearned for more time, the flexibility to work from anywhere, and better financial prospects for our family.

It was her meticulous nature and an unparalleled attention to detail, especially in cleaning, that sparked a revelation within me. I realized her exceptional skills could be the cornerstone of something truly transformative—a business of her own. A business where her passion for cleanliness and knack for creating immaculate spaces could flourish while providing her the freedom and control she craved.

With unwavering determination, I set out to craft a solution that would harness her skills and knowledge, making them the bedrock of a business tailored to her. FYKA Fresh Cleaning Co. was born, an embodiment of her expertise, our shared vision, and a testament to her ability to transform spaces.

From the very inception, I made it my mission to prioritize her skills in crafting a business model that could be easily maintained and automated for the convenience of our clients. Her acute eye for detail became the guiding principle, ensuring that every nook and corner received the care it deserved.

Her natural ability to connect with people became our driving force, enabling her to curate a team of top-tier talent who shared her passion and dedication. It wasn't just about cleaning; it was about creating spaces where businesses thrived and families found solace in pristine environments.

FYKA Fresh Cleaning Co. became more than a business; it became her haven, a sanctuary where her meticulous nature was celebrated, her skills revered, and her vision for clean, welcoming spaces fulfilled. It was a journey of empowerment, transforming her from a corporate cog to the driving force behind a thriving enterprise—her enterprise. And in that transformation, we found not just success, but a newfound joy and balance in life.

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